Home Sweet Home


We all want a place to live which is comfortable, pretty, and clean.  Maybe a place with history is your dream home…

It could be renovated into a beautiful open home with a lot of beautiful details, expansive spaces, and a soul.

Renovating a building can be an exciting project!  It takes a lot of hard work, love, and materials.  You never can tell whether or not you are going to find decaying wood hidden in a wall or floor.  The plumbing may be so old and dangerous that the pipes all need to be replaced.  Maybe the electrical wiring is ancient…

We have renovated a lot of homes and the results always surprise people.  They couldn’t imagine that the old home or building could ever be so wonderful

The home you are in can become your dream home.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of a beautiful sunroom.  We’ve added them onto homes and the adjacent areas benefit by becoming open spaces.


A basement (even a basement garage) can become a lovely space.  Come back soon to see pictures of a basement garage turned into a bright living area!



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Autumn West in Seasons Trace

An article in WYDaily about Autumn West -


“One man came to defend the developer in the case – David Hertzler, the original owner and developer of Seasons Trace in the 1970s. He clutched the original plan and shook it at the commissioners, telling them, “I’m not sure why we’re here tonight. This [plan] was approved back then… this piece has drug on and on and I’m frustrated… That should be it – [the townhomes] can be built there.”

Three planning commissioners agreed with Hertzler.”  By Desiree Parker

Here’s a fun story about Seasons Trace -


Daily Press article about Autumn West-


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Our Current Projects in James City County, Virginia

We are all over the county!   We’ve just finished work in Hunter’s Creek and Norvalia.  We are working in Kingsmill, Longhill Gate,  and Grove.  We’re about to start a job in Lanexa.

Just a side note: Begun in the mid 70s, Kingsmill is still a very desirable subdivision in James City County.  It has a nice mixture of traditional and contemporary homes.


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James City County by Sara E. Lewis

In James City County by Sara E. Lewis (http://www.saraelewis.com) (2009), it states
“Hertzler Brothers will provide the first 3 new homeowners of 1981 with FREE VEPCO for 1 full year! for details call 229-0550 or …”books.google.com/books?isbn=0738568503…


Ms. Lewis’ book contains wonderful photos and information about the history of James City County, Virginia!

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EPA’s RRP Rule

To protect the health of the public, the EPA has instituted a new program for work done on homes and child-care facilities built before 1978. These buildings likely have lead in the paint and/or floors. There had been an option for the owners to opt-out of the rule, where the renovator could fill out paperwork so that the renovation or painting could continue as before.  This has been revoked by the EPA, because they felt this option was being misused.  Lead is terribly dangerous, so even though the cost of the materials used will increase some and labor costs will be higher for work done on these buildings, lead poisoning can be avoided.   Although the material costs should be between $8 and $200 extra per job,  the extra labor cost has yet to be estimated by the EPA.  There are a lot of extra steps required by the whole remodeling/painting team.   35% of all existing homes in the US still have lead in their surfaces. 


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